Drag and Drop with multiple correct targets and partial scoring

So, I needed to allow users to drop the correct items onto the drop targets without an order. I also needed to award partial credit for each drop correct. By looking at a couple similar threads from the community I was able to create a relatively simple solution for both using the pick 1 freeform.

Each object has a trigger for drop correct or drop incorrect and a trigger adding 1 to an overall variable whenever a drop correct occurs. The buttons off screen are triggered to be selected based on the variable, and the different buttons are given scoring values in the form view.

Anyway, here's the sample, it's one question from a larger test. I removed the correct/incorrect layer in the actual test.

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Kyle Yates

Thanks Lauren!

I've only been doing articulate for about 1 year but have been doing a lot of it during that year. 

I found some issues in my own project above and have some work-arounds if people see this thread.  I ended up realizing that you can drop more than one object per drop target since it's not an actual drag and drop activity. 

To get around this I had to make the drop targets go hidden when any object is dropped on it and create a "reset" activity button that jumps to the original slide.  That requires the slide to be set to "reset to initial state" but that makes it display as incorrect during review.  I decided to include a Print button that I relabeled as review because the printed results show the original inputs.



Kyle Yates

Hi Elisa,

I set my overall quiz up to allow for a retry but you could accomplish it for the question with a variable.  

  • Create a variable "Question 1 tries" for e.g.
  • Create a trigger for adjust variable _ add -_1.00 _ whenever the user clicks submit button_IF the state of the correct object does NOT = correct
  • Create a layer that says "Not Quite, try again" with a try again button to return to main layer
  • Create a layer that says "I'm sorry the correct answer was..." with a continue button
  • Create a trigger on the main slide for Show Layer_Correct_when user clicks submit_IF state of correct object = correct
  • Create a trigger on the main slide for Show Layer_Not Quite_when user clicks submit_IF variable "question 1 tries" is less than 3
  • Create a trigger on the main slide for Show Layer_I'm Sorry..._when user clicks submit_IF variable "question 1 tries" is = 3... (greater than or equal should work too)

The only downside is with the partial credit you'd probably have to take their 3rd answer no matter what.  There wouldn't really be an option to "Keep highest score" for example.