Drag and Drop: You must complete the question before submit the answer

Sep 24, 2020

Hello, I am using Articulate 360 but I didn't find an Articulate 360 sub-board so I am posting here.

I built one drag and drop question and then split it into two:

The original one had both characters as targets for dropping. I then duplicated the slide and removed one character from each slide, then changed the correct choice correspondingly. 

After the splitting , the first side works well, whereas the second slide gives me the error of "You must complete the question before submit the answer" when I drag one of the incorrect answer to the character. 

I read several discussions here and it seems none of them fits my problem:



I am attaching my file here for your advice. 



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Ned Whiteley

Hi Rui,

In order for your slides to work correctly, you must list all six options in your Form View. With the incorrect answers, you simply don't allocate a drop zone. The reason why your first slide appears to be working ok is because you only need to drag one correct answer to get a result. If you only drag incorrect answers on your first slide, you will also get the error message.

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