Drag and Drops and Accessibility


We have developed a course that has some basic drag and drop items in it. For instance an item that is dragged and dropped into 1 of 3 categories. We have to make the course WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant and from what I have heard drag and drops are not considered complaint because you can`t use a keyboard to navigate them. Has anyone been able to find any workarounds or get something like this to work with a keyboard? I really don't want to make all of the questions into multiple choice if there is a way around it.


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Jerson  Campos

This is something I proposed to a client and created a working demo. In the main menu, there was an option to enable a disability option (they can navigate to this via key presses). Some of the quiz questions I created also where drag and drops, but at the start of the timeline, if it detected that the disability option was selected, it would take them to an alternative quiz question that asked the same thing, but presented it as multiple choice that they can navigate around using key presses. This way we didn't have to have two different versions of the entire course. There are ways to have two different versions of the same questions, one drag and drop the other more ADA friendly, but it would take some knowledge of triggers and variables.

Jennifer Wagner

I give my learners the option to choose Mouse & Keyboard or Keyboard Only (radio buttons) at the beginning of the course. I also create a variable named Keyboard and set the default to False. If the learner chooses Keyboard Only, a trigger sets the variable Keyboard to True.

For each slide that has drag & drop or hotspot interactions, I create an alternative slide that uses multiple choice or drop-down matching. Then any slides that lead to the two version assessments have two triggers: one that leads to the drag & drop if Keyboard is False, and one that leads to the ADA version if Keyboard is True. I also have two different Results Slides, depending on which set of questions the learner answered.

Prathiba Sriram

Hi Jennifer, thanks for this info, very useful. By any chance, are you able to share a screenshot of how those 2 options were presented? Just to get a feel for how it can be done. I'm in the same boat and think it will be quite re-assuring to see what was done. Thanks, Prathiba