Drag & Drop : Allow only 1 item in each drop target

Oct 14, 2014

i'm creating a custom drag & drop quiz from scratch using a blank slide.i don't want to convert it into any free-form question.there are 3 choices (options) for each question (total 2 questions on a single slide).Each question has one correct option/choice.

the problem is that if i drag an object (choice) on the drop area, the previous object (which is already on the drop area) does not automatically moves to it's default (starting) position.they (drag objects) are overlapping on one another (in the drop area).

I want it to function like "Allow only 1 item in each drop target" as in  free form drag & drop question.

i have attached .story file.


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Mike Enders

Hi Joy,

Unfortunately, there's no easy mechanism to allow for this.  In looking at your file, I think you can still leverage the freeform drag and drop slide for your design.  That way you can take advantage of what it offers (auto replacing the items), while still calculating your own variables.  Just because you use the freeform drag and drop doesn't mean that you have to use all of it's features.   


Joni Grove

Hi all- Did anyone ever discover a manual way to allow only one item per target?  I am using the Pick One workaround developed by Rebecca as the client wants multiple choices to be dragged to a target.  This works great.  However, on the 2nd try, if the learner wants to change any answers, rather moving the incorrect answer back to the original position, the new answer covers it up and the user has to manually move the old, incorrect answer.  What a pain.  Looking for a trigger/way to make the incorrect answer snap back. I've attached my slide to show you what I'm talking about. 


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