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i've got a quiz in the end of the course. In this quiz i would like to have feedback which question is wrong (right) after clicking send ("Fertig") in the lower right corner. I have 2 feedback layers one for wrong and one for right. 

What i now want is a green or red colour for every single answer if this specific answer is correct or incorrect. Without the delay it works totally fine if i enable the delay to wait for "sending" the answers its not working anymore. 

Thanks for the help !

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Lisa!

Thank you for attaching your file! I see what you're hoping to create.

Drag and Drop questions are treated as one interaction which is why there isn't a feature for immediate feedback. Not to worry, I found a workaround that is just what you're looking to build.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Lisa Ziegler

Hi Lauren,

thanks for your feedback. I'm still looking for something slightly different. I don't need immediate feedback for every single drag and drop question, that's fine (by feedback I mean e.g. text slides saying "correct" or "wrong"). I want the different fields to turn green/red after clicking "Fertig", so after I finalized the action. And I thought this is what the delay function is for? But if I complete the action now, my feedback layer appears (either right or wrong) but the fields just stay white and don't change the colour. Do you have a solution for this?

Lisa Ziegler

Hi Lauren!


Thanks for the fast help. I tried to add your solution to my slides. 
For the drag-and-drop slide it is not working at all and to be honest i have no idea why.
For the second slide its only partly working. Maybe u can take a look at the attached slides and help me out.

I've added the right order for slide 1 and the correct answers for slide 2 in the blue boxes.

Thank you!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

I don't like using groups as I never seem to have proper control over what I want to do...so as an alternative solution (maybe works for you maybe not) I created the first icon as a picture with normal, drop correct and drop incorrect states. But it will show you how it can work using images.

Lisa Ziegler

Hi Wendy

Excactly. The problem is, that no matter what u choose 4,5 always turn red in the end.

I want to get all 5 green if 1 and 3 are selected and 2, 4 & 5 are not selected.

So if i don't select 1 & 3 and select 2, 4 & 5 i want all of them to turn red.

Somehow 2 is always turning green and 4 & 5 is always turning red, no matter what is selected.