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Hi all,

I have facing some difficulties of drag & drop slide, The question is user has the 2 attempts, we have 4 options when user drag and drop 2 option correctly and 2 wrong then click on submit it will direct to "try again" layer which will shows the correct or incorrect by the color that we have given in state. Problem is when user click on the "Try again" button it going  back to the base layer its reset all the option as like earlier, But my client expectation is the correct answers should stay at correct target itself, only the wrong answers (drags) should come back to original position.


Is that possible? if yes please give me a solution.


Thanks in advance


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Sam Hill

Hi Sebastin, I made adjustment to the "states" being used on your drag objects. They should have been using "Drop correct" and "Drop incorrect" to take advantage of some built in functionality.

I've created motion paths just to animate the incorrect options back into position if they are incorrect. I'm simply looking to see which objects do not have the "Drop correct" state, and then sending those objects along their animation path.

I think this will be close enough for you to refine and tailor to your specific needs now.