Drag-Drop: Hide one state with selection of a new state in SL2

I want to drag an object.  I first hover to read the content.  The learner will then drag the object to the correct location.  When "selected" and dragging, the object is "glowing" (new state) --- however, I want that "hover" content state  to go away when the learner drags.

Appreciate advice on how to get rid of the hover state with the object is dragging. 


Thank you!


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Emily Ruby

Hi Terra,

I can see that being an interference. There might be a way to have the hover state go away if you use custom states, and possibly have them click the item before dragging. I will have to play with a file to test.

I am sure if others in the community know of a way to do this they will add some ideas as well.

Char Larkin

Thanks for the additional thoughts, Emily.  I decided to just place a button under each object and place the content on a layer - this way the learner can easily open and close the layer without any text interfering with the drop target.  I think it tends to clutter up my slide a bit, but I could not think of any other work around.