Drag & Drop Incorrect/Try AGain Layer not showing dropped items

Hi All, 

I have a drag and drop interaction where learners have to sort objects into correct or incorrect boxes. I want the feedback layers to show the objects in their dropped position, and in the case of the Try Again layer, allow them to rearrange and resubmit. The items show fine on the correct layer but in the incorrect and  Try Again layers the dropped objects are not showing at all. Any ideas?


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Mary!

I'm happy to help! First, can you check if you have the check box selected to Hide Objects on base layer on each layer? Here is what it looks like in Slide Properties: Link

I've tried to create this on my end but I am not running into the same behavior you've shared. If you're comfortable, it would be helpful to look at the .story file. You can attach it to this discussion or upload it to our team privately by submitting a case.

Mary T. Collins

Thanks Lauren, I have removed some information and attached it here for you to take a look. I haven't hidden objects on base layer and everything else from the base layer is showing, just not the dragged items. These do show when you answer correctly however. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Mary!

Thank you so much for sharing the .story file! I see the same odd behavior in your project where the drag items are only displayed when the three attempts are complete, or the Correct layer appears. I've started a case on your behalf with our Support Engineers so they can offer their expertise. You'll hear from our team shortly. Thank you so much for working with us to troubleshoot this snag!