Drag & Drop Interaction Problem

We recently published a basics workshop for our volunteers and some of them are reporting that the drag & drop functionality on the "Dos & Donts" slide. They are reporting that the text appears at the top of the screen but they aren't able to click on it or do anything with it.

They also say that the triggers are allowing them to move forward without completing the drag & drop activity which has me stumped because I can see the triggers there & when I test this workshop it works for me fine.

Finally it appears that states on the drop statements are behaving strangely if I go back to the main slide (Grand Central) and then click on "Dos & Donts" again. It's as if they are back to their normal state but they are "located in one of the hotspots. 

Any chance I can screenshare with an expert/talk by phone to get feedback? We're stumped and this workshop is live to 100+ volunteers as of this moment so I need to get it fixed as soon as possible. The file is attached. Click on "Dos & Donts" to review.  



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Susi B

Hi Megan,

I prefer using forms instead of text boxes as drag items. With text boxes you sometimes have trouble clicking on them to drag them. Also the size of the text box defines where you can grab them and if they are bigger than your drop target, they can overlap with each other. Keep in mind using the same/nearly same size for your items (drag and drop).

Then when revisiting your slide you want to change your slide properties to "resume to initial state" as described here and maybe (we prefer to) "silde advance: by user". This resets the slide to its initial state or if you want to you could change to "resume saved state" so the user sees what he has done on this slide.

Now to your triggers/variables: I don´t know the english word for it but the option equal/unequal ignore upper/lower case?! is only used in text entry fields. You can use the simple equal/unequal. And my question here: Is it correct, that no matter where you drop the drag items the variable for it changes to right? Because thats what its set to at the moment. If you want to continue only when all of them are dropped correct, you should adjust this. I could not jump to the next slide until every drag item is dropped somewhere. So this should work.

BTW you have the same trigger twice in there ("change variable tipsandtrickscomplete to right when timeline starts").

Maybe this helps a little.