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Abhishek Roy

Thanks for the suggestion.


there is another problem.

How could i make only 1 drag item to be dropped on a single drop target? I could drag multiple drag items to a single drop target.

It's like storyline's default free-form : "Allow only 1 item in each drop target"

But i don't want to use free-form question.

Abhishek Roy

II did it in Storyline 1 from a blank slide using simple triggers (one to hide and another to normal for each drag item when dragged over any another drag item) .This way only 1 drag item could be dropped in 1 drop target.

But when i'm trying to do the same in Storyline 2, it's not working.Even if i try to upgrade the same project in SL1 to SL2, it's not working.I'm using SL2 update 5.Is there any bug in SL2 update 5?

I found a point in bug fixes in update 5 of SL2 which reads :

"Fixed issue where "Object dragged over" triggers wouldn't work after upgrading a Storyline 1 project to Storyline 2"

Bug Fixes:SL2 Update 5


I have attached the SL1 story file and preview link