Drag & Drop Issue

Please don't mind the title as I have no idea how to come up with an accurate title. 

My situation is that I would like to let the user to drag and drop all the drag items in a particular box. The trick is the drag items can not be stacked together and all must fit in the box to answer this activity correctly. Now if the student answer the activity accordingly, it should pose no issue. However, if the student drag all the drag items into the box (stacked/overlapped) together, when interaction is submitted, it will determined as correct by SL360 (supposedly it's wrong)

So, my question is, is there any way to determine whether the drag items are stacked or overlapped in a drag and drop freeform question? 

Thank you very much to whoever spent time reading this. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kydon,

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like you're designing a drag-and-drop interaction that must fulfill these requirements:

  • All drag objects should be dropped into a box on the slide.
  • No drag objects should be overlapping.

Is that right? 

I haven't seen an example like this, but I'm sure the creative heroes in this forum can come up with something that will work! Do you have a mock-up of the slide you can share here?

Kydon Digital Media

Hello Alyssa,

Yes, you're correct. Correct feedback will be shown when all drag objects are dropped into the box and not overlapping. Incorrect feedback will be shown if all drag objects are not in the box or drag objects are overlapping in the box.  Sorry, I don't have a mock-up slide that I can share here. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Kydon.  You might want to have a look at the object intersection trigger.  This trigger allows other actions to occur, such as adjusting a variable, when objects intersect with each other.  The only catch would be that objects can intersect as the learner is dragging them, but then be placed in the right way.  You would have to account for these possibilities so that you aren't marking learners incorrectly.

I hope that helps get the wheels spinning!