Drag & Drop issue

We are able to drag and drop more items in the drop area than required. We have designed 2 drop area and 5 drag items. The height of the drop area size is designed for 3 items. We are able to drop more than 3 items in the designated drop area whereas it should accept only three items.

That being said, the 4th item is going out of the drop area whereas it should snap to its original position.


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Suresh,

As mentioned above, the size of the drop area is not related to how many items can be dropped into it. In order to be able to make any selection from the items you have available to drag and drop, each drop area will accommodate all the available items.

The reason why the fourth item appears outside the drop area is because, although you released it inside the area, the drop areas are set to tile dropped items and so the fourth item will simply appear at the bottom of the tile stack, even although that places it outside the box. If you want any item that is dropped to fit inside the box, you will have to either increase the height of your box or decrease the height of your drop items to suit.

One thing I noticed was that I was unable to control what happened in the drop boxes using the Drag and Drop options at the top of the page. The only way I was able to regain control was by deleting your two drop areas and replacing them with two new rectangles. I'm not sure why that occurred, but I just thought I would mention it in case you have any strange results when testing.

If you only want correct items to snap to the drop areas, you need to select this option from the Drag and Drop options on the menu bar. As I said above, you may first have to replace your drop areas in order to make this work. The only problem with this is that it immediately gives away the correct answer.

Overall, your Drag and Drop question appears to be working as it should do. If you have any other queries, please don't hesitate to let me know.


Suresh Nambiar

Hi Ned,

Thank you again for your response. 

If I increase the height of the box, then it could be possible that the user may drop 5 items in this box and the 5th item will be placed out of the box.

Ideal scenario should be that user should not be able to drop more items than the drop area can accommodate.

Any thoughts?


Ned Whiteley

Hi Suresh,

I don't think there is any way to restrict the number of items that can be dropped into a particular drop box. The only thing I can think of is to say, in your instructions, "Drop a maximum of three items in each drop box", or something similar. The user will actually be reminded of that when they see that each item is taking up one third of the space available in the box. It still won't stop someone who insists on trying to drop more than three, but you have to just hope that they obey the instructions !