Drag & Drop: more alginment options for dropped objects

Dear collegues,

I would like to create a drag&drop interaction, which allows dropped objects to be movable (adjust their position on drop target) after they are dropped. The objects must stack one above the other, starting with top or bottom of the target (not tiled). And they must not obstruct one another.

  • If I implement this with Free-Form question, I do have a "Free" alignment option, which lets me drop the object wherever I want, however after submitting the interaction I cannot move an object anymore. Upcoming objects can still obstruct each other (as well as Tile and Stack), as I cannot demand an accuracy from a user.
  • If I implement this with triggers and drop-targets as transparent objects (tried: transparent shapes, transparent images, hotspots) then I do not have a "Free" alignment anymore, and though I am able to move dropeed objects, they still land on the center (snapped to center) of the target drop, and will obstruct each other.

Is there a solution to my problem?

Thank you!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Irina!

Thanks for your post! I want to make sure I understand your design idea correctly--would you like your learners to be able to move the drag items, even after clicking the submit button?

Are you hoping to score and track this interaction, or is this ungraded?

With a few more details, hopefully folks in the community can help you with this custom set-up! 

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Alyssa,

Thank you very much for replying!

I somehow figured out to leave objects draggable after dropping, even with the free-form question (can't tell why it works now or did not work before), but I am missing the stacking one above the other option for dropped objects (I will attach screenshots here).

The idea is that the learner places timing intervals one above the other in the empty target zones. It is important that all intervals are aligned-left, to the left edge of the target zone. I am not checking a learner on this alignment, but I want that the dropped objects align themselves to the left edge of the drop-target automatically, and then stack, so that every next interval is exactly below the other ( their order, who is above whom, is not important.)

“initial state.jpg” shows the start of the exercise.

Now, when I use "Tile" in Drop Options then intervals just nest one inside other (please see "tile.jpg" here) .

And "Free" allows intervals to be correct even if they do not snap to starting point (please see "free.jpg")

“Stack random”, “Snap to Center” and “Stack Offset” allow interval obstruction when dropped, which also must not happen in the correct solution.

What I would like to have is in "wishful.jpg" :) 

As for the scoring and tracking, I planned on adding variables to the intervals later on.

I provide immediate feedback after each drop, so I removed the Submit button.

Please let me know if I was unclear! :)

Many thanks,


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Irina,

Glad the dropped items are working for you again! 

For the drag and drop snap options the ones included in Storyline will work as follows:

Stack Random - will have the object appear on the target, but in no particular location. Other objects will stack on top.

Stack offset - will have the object appear on top of the target, offset just to the right a bit, other objects will continue to stack offset from the first dropped item. 

Free - will place the object on top of the target wherever the user lets it go

Snap to center - place the center of the object over the center of the target

As for your wishful example, it sounds like some customizations of those options would be a good feature for you! Can you share your thoughts on a Feature requests here