Drag & Drop - Multiple Attempts

I love that I can show feedback with the freeform drag and drop questions using the correct/incorrect drop states, and I use this to provide instant feedback to the user after they've finished the question using "review results".

My problem is that the state changes occur after the first time the interaction is submitted, but the quiz I'm designing allows for two attempts per question. I need to keep this correct/incorrect feedback hidden until either

A) They get the entire question correct

B) They run out of attempts

Does any one have any solutions for this?

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Harrison C

Hi Adrian,

I have looked at that tutorial, unfortunately it does not address my concern. Perhaps I need to clarify.

Refer to this section of the tutorial:

"Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted:  If you use different Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect states for drag items, you may not want these state changes to appear until after users submit the question.  Otherwise, users will know whether they got the question right or wrong even before they click the Submit button.  To delay the drop states from appearing until after users submit the question, select this checkbox.  If, however, you would prefer to give users immediate feedback upon dropping items onto targets, do not mark this checkbox. "

This is the feature I'm using. The issue is that I am allowing 2 attempts, not 1, so I want to delay the item drop states until they have either

A) Answered correctly on their first/second attempt

B) Exhausted their 2 attempts

This tutorial addresses delaying drop states and multiple attempts, but not how to make these two features go together. This is what I am trying to achieve.


Harrison C

Michael Dempsey said:

Hi Harrison,

Perhaps you could create two drop states for your items and a variable to determine which of the drop states to display? The variable can track how many attempts they've made (0 or 1). You can then trigger the appropriate layer or feedback depending on that variable's value.



Hey Mike,

I had tried doing this, but it wasn't quite working so I wondered if there might be a better way. Maybe I'll spend some more time on this solution to see if I can make it work.

Harrison C

Hey all, I've solved my problem. Here's how!

Step 1: Add drop correct/incorrect states for your drag items, but do not make them any different from their normal states.

Step 2: Add outlining rectangles, check marks, whatever you would like on your review slide as appropriate to provide feedback on your questions

Step 3: Create a trigger that changes the state of the items on your review slide to reflect whether the item is incorrect/correct based on the state of your drag items being either drop correct/incorrect.

It takes a moment for the states to change as appropriate on the review results slide, but otherwise this gives the desired result!