Drag & Drop multiple drag items work-around, triggers, variables, states

Dec 03, 2019

I've created a work-around for having multiple drag items in my course. For example, in this case, I have repeated words that could be dropped onto either drop zone 1 or 5. I've achieved this by using states, triggers and variables.

I didn't want to use a freeform question, as I needed the drag items to be shuffled, and, I quite like the way the drag/drop interaction works.

I started with the variables. In one case, I had 2 'formal' words in my selection. I created 2 variables for each word. I have hundreds of variables on my course, so to keep it simple, I just used formal1 and formal2.

On each object, I added a drop correct state so that it could be recalled again when needed. I added all the variables and states first, and then lastly, added in the triggers.

The triggers start on the affected object where I needed to adjust the variable. In the example above, I set formal1 (variable) to true when formal1 (drop object) was dropped onto either zone 1 or 5. This was then repeated for formal2 and all other repeated words. Next, the submit button and state needed to be triggered so that the states weren't changing the moment I dropped an item. In this case, I changed the state of formal1 (object) to Drop Correct when the user clicks submit, if formal1 (variable) equals true. The order of the triggers is important too. The submit interaction is the last process the system needs to make. Next, I needed an object trigger for all drag items so that the correct layer would display when states of all drag items were equal to drop correct.

Please see the screenshots for reference. I hope this helps :)



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