Drag & Drop problems when using Try Again slide


I'm working on a project and I have been experiencing some problems. When I click  a "Try again" button in a slide I don't get the right state of the object. I'm including an explanatory video so you can have the whole picture. I'm also including the slide where I'm experiencing this problem. Please help.




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Najam  Fazal

To get a Try Again button, increase the Attempts to 2 or more under Design tab in a Drag Drop Interaction. You can also use some settings in Drag & Drop Options such as Allow one item in each drop target or Return item to start point if dropped outside any drop target. See attached file for reference.

Ramon Talavera


Thank you for your recommendation. However, it does not fix the problem. The main problem is that the student can pick from three possibilities in each box ( a total of 15 possibilities). To help a student identify the right/wrong words that he/she dragged on the blank space, I changed the state to a yellow color  (right choice) and to a red color ( wrong choice). As you see in the video, once both the "submit button" and the "try again button" are activated the first time, the student can see the wrong word placed in the blank space when he/she gets back to the base layer.

However, since the "submit button" and the "try again button" where activated the first time,  the state of the next word selected by the student changes automatically when the word is dragged on the blank box . The idea is that it changes ONLY when the "submit button" and the "try again button" are activated, so the student will see the red color of the word once he/she gets back to the base layer, not when the word is dragged on the blank space. Each box has two wrong answers and one right answer. Let's suppose that the student chose the wrong answer in every attempt. Then he/she would need to get back to the base layer every time (aprox 15 times... not likely to happen, but it is a possibility) and I need some trigger(s) that help the slide work as the first time. I hope this information is not too confusing.

Wendy Farmer

Here is the file

I duplicated your slide - disabled all your triggers and put mine in.  I also updated the names of the states to the built in drop correct and drop incorrect as the there seemed to be an issue with the custom states.

I have only worked on the first box.  So once you have built it out there may be other tweaks needed

Ramon Talavera


I'm going to follow your instructions and continue working with the slide till the end. If I come up with any other issue, I hope you don't mind sending you a message to help me again, since you already are familiar with the slide. I'm crossing my fingers that I can make it work without bothering you again.

Thank you very much!