Drag & Drop question not sending incorrect answers to the LMS

I created a drag & drop quiz to find out what a person likes or not, by dragging some activities like dancing or reading  (each of them is an image) to 3 boxes (that are also images) labeled as I like it, I like it so much, I don't like it. I publish the project in xAPI TinCan format.

My LMS is LearnDash with TinCanny reporting as LRS, however when my users take the quiz, only the Correct answers are saved in the LRS, and as it is more like a questionnaire than a quiz, I really need the user's "incorrect" answers since it is valuable information for me. 

I contacted TinCanny plugin support and they claimed that is not a problem with the LMS: " It appears that in the case of a wrong answer the module is not sending "answered" statements (these statements contain user answer data). while in case of correct answer it is sending "answered" statement (with user answer data in results appearing in the statement - see attached image)). Unfortunately this behaviour is not related to our plugin but is how Storyline is handling sent statements. Have you tried assigning points to both correct and incorrect answers to see if points data is collected?". 

Other type of questions actually send correct and incorrect statements, and both are tracked. I guess there is a problem with the drag & drop specific type of questions.

I attach the published project and the editable project to see if someone gets the problem.

Any ideas of how to get the information of the incorrect answers?

I even tried setting points to the incorrect answers and no luck. PLEASE HELP!

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