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Mar 05, 2014


I've created Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect States for a Drag & Drop quiz,  and I have "delay item drop states until interaction is submitted." However, when I submit the interaction, the states do not appear! See screen shot below. Thanks for your help!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for sharing the image here. Without seeing the rest of your file, it's hard to say for certain but some things I'd look into are:

- Is your course set up to jump to a new slide or layer that could be preventing the dropped states from showing?

Are you using any triggers on the objects that are changing states? If so, the "delay item drop states until interaction is submitted." option works only if you haven't issued object triggers. If you've issued an object trigger to change a state upon drag and drop then it supersedes the delay trigger. 

- Are you using a custom submit button or the default submit button? We're aware of an issue where the Dropped states don't appear when using a custom submit button.

If you'd like to share your Storyline file here with us, we're also happy to take a look. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Inka,

This thread is a bit older - but since it's a bit older, I'm not certain if you're experiencing the same issue. As I mentioned above, if you've added any additional triggers to the object in regards to changing states, that'll override the built in options such as "delay item dropped state". I do see that the issue filed here in regards to the "delay" with a custom submit button in Storyline 1 is still in the hands of our QA team, but with limited reports of it. Are you using Storyline 1 or Storyline 2? If you're able to share a copy of your .story file with us here we're happy to take a look. 

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