Drag & drop, want to show a hint layer instead of the right/wrong branch layers

Apr 13, 2015

Hi Heroes!

I am working on a software simulation (recorded with SL and inserted as a Try Mode Scene).  In the software we are training you need to drag a document from Windows Explorer into the software.  The SL Try Mode didn't create an interaction for it, it just added a call out that says to "click and drag" but doesn't require anything from the user.

I need to add that interaction, but I'm not using the right/wrong layers that are automatically created by inserting a Try recording.  Instead I am only using the Hint layer and changing the trigger to show the hint if the user clicks outside the hotlink. 

I tried converting the slide to a Drag & Drop freeform question, but it doesn't look like I can add a hint layer or reuse the right/wrong layers as a hint.

Is there a different way to add the drag/drop interaction?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sherrie,

Click-and-drag events—such as dragging a scroll bar—aren't interactive in step-by-step screen recordings.

However, other actions—like clicking and typing—are interactive, so you'll be able to test learners on these actions.

In regards to adding a "hint layer" how would you want this shown? You could use the "try again" layer that is created when adjusting the attempts to more than 1? 

Also it looks like this post happened a few times, so I've deleted the other threads to help ensure the focus on assisting you occurs here. 

Sherrie French

Thanks Ashley - I'll make a feature request.  It's kind of awkward in a simulation for users to have to do everything themselves with the exception of drag events.

I'd love to use the "try again" layer - can I make it look like the hint layer though?  I want to remove the large gray box, but I haven't found a way to do that.  I can remove all the other elements.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sherrie,

Definitely a good feature request, and in the meantime you can use the set up of creating your own drag and drop as a freeform interaction.

The gray box is brought in from the slide feedback masters, so you'd need to modify it there. You could customize the "try again" layer as you'd like once you move the gray box from that layer - although I would recommend just moving it offstage instead of deleting it in case you need it back at a later time. 

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