Drag & Drop with Audio effect (Dragging the Audio together!)

Hi guys,

Creating a drop & drop activity is now easy with Storyline - Version 5 for all around PC and mobile devices.

However, I'm working at a project which requires to embed a Audio to a drag object. For example, there will be a button on top of the drag object which will trigger a audio clip.  Most important, the Audio button should drag together with the drag object. Of course, HTML5 should be able to worked as well...

Anyone of you done it or similar stuffs before?!

Please have a look at the sample Drag object with Audio button in the attachment.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jimmy,

It looks like you only uploaded a .png file - are you able to share the .story file here with us so that we could take a look at how you've started to set this up and the behavior that you'd like to see? Even just one sample/mocked up slide will help us see what you'd like to do. 

Jimmy yau

Attached please find my work. It is an immediate response drag & drop sample. Just for discussion here, no need submit the case...etc.

If the Audio button overlap the Drag object, the audio can only play once on the iPad (HTML5 version).

Currently I can only put the button near (outside) the drag object and Group them together.