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Antony Snow

Hi Yair,

When editing the drag and drop question, you can select the 'Return item to start point if dropped outside' check box and select 'a correct drop target' from the drop down. 

For a clearer visual for your users I would also create 'drop correct' and 'drop incorrect' states for your dragable items (for example add a tick or x icon).


Antony Snow

Hi Yair,

I too have the same issue. To be honest, you don't actually need to use the 'drop incorrect' state as the object returning to its starting position should be a sufficient visual for the user to know that they didn't drop it on the correct target. I would stick with using just the 'drop correct' state


Yair Ben-Horin

There is still one little problem. Even when all objects are in there right place, the user still needs to hit the SUBMIT button, which is unnecessary at this stage. I know I can remove the SUBMIT button from the player and put the NEXT button instead, but then the user might ignore the interaction and proceed to the next slide without solving it. Is there a way to have the NEXT button only after all the objects are dragged to their right place?  

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Yair, maytal is correct. If you don't want the next button to appear at all until all the words have been dragged correctly, you'll need to create your own next button. Make sure its initial is state hidden. Then, allow it to show when all the items have a state of dropped correct. See slide 1.1 in the attached story.


If you want to keep the default next button, you can make it disabled until all the items have a state of drop correct. In that case, you may also want to have a warning layer appear so Learners will understand why clicking next doesn't do anything. In this case, the warning layer will show if any of the items have not yet showed a state of Drop Correct. See slide 1.3 in the attached example.

Any questions, give a shout out!

Yair Ben-Horin

Thanks Maytal and Rebecca, that works great! 

Still one issue though - for some reason (...) my NEXT button (see image below, the red button) pops up in the back (underneath the other text boxes), although I brought it "to front", and it's placed at the top of the object list on the timeline. Any ideas? 

maytal rafael

First, I have to admit it's weird that even though it's set to be on top of all objects it doesn't work....

On the other Hand, if I were you - I would build it a little different.

I would set a trigger to show a layer once the states of all the required objects are dropped correctly.

This way of solution also helps you to lock down all the objects once the learner has finished.

I'm adding you a little example.