Drag & Drop works in Preview, but not when Published

I have a drag & drop interaction that works perfectly in Preview, but when I Publish, I am unable to drag any of the stacked drag items.  

I've reviewed Drag & Drop Options and the Freeform Drag and Drop section in my Storyline2 "Bible."

I've attached the slide.  We are using "submit" as a trigger to a layer.  There are no correct/incorrect answers.

I'm sure it is a simple fix, so I appreciate the help!

Colleen Wessel

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Leslie McKerchie

Right, I knew you published to the web - I simply used Tempshare as my 'server'. Did my course work well for you?

Did you upload and test on the server as your learner would or were you still viewing locally and that may be where the issue came into play.

Just let me know if you need further assistance.