Drag item disappears when dropped on right target

May 04, 2017


I have the following in a drag and drop form:

- a variable initially set to 0, that checks whether the user chooses the right target, then it is set to 1.

-  a "Drop Correct" state on the Drag Item, where the Drag Item is dropped on its Drop Target

- a trigger on the submit button that checks whether the Drag Item is dropped in the right Drop Target, then it sets the variable to 1.

The variable is being set correctly, however, whenever the drag item is dropped on its Drop Target, it disappears after I click the submit button.

Note that the only state (besides the Normal one) on this Drag Item is the "Drop Correct" state, there is not a Hidden (or any other) state.

I do not want my item to disappear! Anyone has any clue on what is happening here?

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