Drag items are assigned to one drop target but multiple targets are accepting each item.

Hi all,

I'm troubleshooting a Storyline 2 drag and drop freeform question. I have six character illustrations (to be dragged) and a grid made of 36 individual squares, each one a drop target. The assigned drop targets are working, but so are several others around the grid. Any thoughts? I am still a relative newbie to Storyline--perhaps I just need to check a box somewhere.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rob, 

You can change that in the drag/drop options: 

  • Return items to start point if dropped outside: Mark this box if you want to force drag items to snap back to their original locations when learners drop them outside a specific target. Use the corresponding drop-down to select either “any drop target” or “a correct drop target.” 

So in your case, you'd want to use the "correct drop target" and you can read more about that here.