Drag items disappear when dropped on target areas

Hi, I have been scratching my head all day over a problem that involves a drag and drop interaction. I have a shop mannequin and some clothing items, and using the drag and drop function I want to 'dress' the mannequin. I have states on the clothes which should change when dropped on to the mannequin. However when the draggable items are dropped on, they disappear.

I have tried custom states, which also disappear.

I have used a button + trigger to change the state (this works, but renders the drag option pointless so I don't want to do this).

I have used a basic shape (states work, but I want to create my designs outside SL).

I just can't see why the states are disappearing.

Can anyone help? Here is my file:



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Walt Hamilton


The states are part of the object, so when you move the object, the states move with it. In this case, the Dropped Correct state is way off to the left of the object, so when you drag the object to the left of the screen and it changes state, the Dropped Correct state is off the slide.

See the attached video for a demonstration of the problem and how to correct it.

Kelly Bardsley

Hi Christie, yes I did see that post but the demonstration did not help me to see what I was doing wrong.


Tthank you for recording your screen for me, this has solved the problem - I can't tell you how long I have spent already on this interaction so your help has really been appreciated!!!!! :-)