Drag items - Suppressing "Drop Correct" & "Drop Incorrect" states

Jul 26, 2012

Hi all, I have a project that contains drag and drop questions. These are not part of an assessment or tracked in any way. They are used as a teaching tool rather than an assessment tool.
For this reason I would like the user to have a couple of attempts at getting a questions right before feedback is revealed.

The problem is that the correct and incorrect states of the Drag Items are revealed on both the first and second attempt. Does anyone know how to prevent the "Drop Correct" & "Drop Incorrect" states displaying on the first attempt?

Some detials:

  • I have the freeform drag and drop question set to “2 Attempts”.
  • I have the slide properties set to “When revisiting: Reset to initial state” so that the drag items are reset to their initial starting position when the learner retries the question.
  • I have a variable that on the second failed attempt directs the learner to the “Incorrect” layer rather than the “Try Again” layer that is displayed on 1st incorrect attempt. (This is necessary as Reset to initial state resets the number of tries.)
  • All the Drag Items have 3 states, "Normal", "Drop Correct" & "Drop Incorrect". Drop Correct & Drop Incorrect display Ticks and Crosses for individual answer feedback.

Many thanks

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Mike Enders


I "think" I know what you're trying to accomplish!  If I understand correctly, then my first approach would be to NOT use the built-in Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect states as those seem to be on autopilot and can't be switched off.  

Here's what I'd do (I'll have to play with it, but wanted to let you noodle on it too!).

What if you create two new states.  Call them Correct and Incorrect.  Add the visual elements (ticks/crosses).

Now, using the tracker variable you've already created, trigger a state change to show the correct/incorrect states after the second attempt.  

Basically, we're recreating the correct and incorrect states, but taking off the autopilot and giving you more manual control.

If you're willing to load your .story file, I could take a stab at it with you.


Kevin Harland

Hi Mike, I wondered about doing away with the built in Correct and Incorrect states. I'm with you in that I can create new states but I'm not sure how I can use the variable to trigger the new states so they show the actual correct/incorrect feedback?

I've attached my project so you can see how im using a variable to control attempts.

Many thanks if you can point me in the right direction with this


Mike Enders


BOOM!  Okay, here's what you do.  

Add a player level trigger (on the base layer) for each object that sets the state to normal if your notries variable is less than 1.

This cancels out the state change for that first attempt.


I did this for the "Has an Infection" element to demonstrate.


Kevin Harland

This solution worked great. However, I've come to edit the project (some years later) and find that it no-longer works. As soon as I edit the project file in Storyline 1 or 2 it simply doesn't work any more. If you try opening Mike's solution you will see that this no longer works either.

My query is twofold:

  1. has something changed due to subsequent Storyline revisions that "breaks" this solution?
  2. how can I achieve the same effect as in the previous solution but in a way that works? (Preferably in Storyline 1 & 2)

Many thanks


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