Drag N Drop Dilemma

Oct 05, 2020

Hey Articulate Pros,

I created this drag n drop for functionality so any sympathy or empathy could be applied to the correct drop.

I can't determine if it is my state or my triggers, but every time is an incorrect answer. Please see the file attached.




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Judy Nollet

Hi, Niya,

The first issue I noticed is that you have 2 of the Empathy objects assigned to the same drop target.

When I change the target of Drag item 05 to "Making Connections," I do get the "Correct" feedback when I drag the items exactly as indicated in the list.

Your triggers with conditions change the dragged items to the "Dropped" state, which is already done automatically when they hit a target. I edited those triggers to change the items to the "Drop Correct" state. However, that didn't work, either. So I assume that Storyline must score the question based solely on what's in the "Drag items and drop targets" form. 

I think you'd be better off creating 2 drop targets: Empathy and Sympathy. Then let the user drag each action to the appropriate target. That would make it easy to designate in Form View which items belong in Empathy and which in Sympathy, so the scoring would be done without the need for extra triggers. 

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