Drag n Drop is "Correct" when incorrect drops included

May 01, 2018

My team and I have built a course with a drag and drop activity. There's something wonky that happens: when all Correct items are correctly dropped, and if there are Incorrect drops here and there, Submitting the activity will show a "Correct" layer (that we've built). 

We want it to behave so that ONLY the Correct drops show the "Correct" layer. 

Does anyone have insight into this?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Chris,

I'm getting the incorrect response if I place a wrong answer in one of the drop zones that has correct answers, but can get it totally right if I use all the wrong answers in the two other drop zones.

I'm not clear on how you're determining success since the variables are not defined here:

Can you help me out and I'd be happy to take another look.

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