Drag, no drop


I did a search for this topic, but was unsuccessful. I want the learner to be able to drag an object around the screen, with no destination for a drop. I have a very large form that I want them to be able to drag around the screen so that different parts of the form come onto the screen as they drag. (stage is 900 x 650, form is 1400 x 1082)  When I try various ways to use either the freeform drag and drop or the drag trigger (which makes the object "dragable"), the object always snaps to a screen edge because it's larger than the stage area.

I considered using a slider, but I think the drag option would work better.



- Scott

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Nancy Woinoski

You might be able to use drag and drop - just make a rectangle the same size as the slide, pull in your form - convert slide to a drag and drop freeform.  Make the rectangle the drop target - Turn off the feedback and make sure the Drop target options is set to "Free"

I just did a real quick test and this seemed to work for me.