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I build a course with a drag and drop interaction with three drag objects and three drop targets. One drag object is always connected to one drop target. The drag objects snap in on each drop objects, no matter if it's correct or not. The solution is presented in a solution layer. This all worked fine until I installed update 5 on my pc. Now one of the drag objects doesn't snap in none of the drop objects. I did not make any changes in the interaction. Has anybody an explanation why one drag object behaves different?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stefanie and welcome to Heroes! 

I'm sorry to hear about the odd behavior you've experiencing after installing update 5 of Storyline. Can you tell me a bit more about this one drag item, is it the top most item in the list, the bottom? Is it random which one doesn't snap, or is it based on the order you drag them? If you can share a bit more about the set up I can try and recreate the behavior in my own files, or you're welcome to share this slide with us.

Some general troubleshooting items you may want to check into are:

Stefanie Kreindl

Hi Ashley,

thank you! We do have this slide two times in our course. The drag objets (rectangles in different sizes) represent ther percentage of the property of a material. The drop targets are three materials. The object that doesn't work is the last one in the drag and drop menu, but on the slide it's the left one (we placed them horizontally in a row).

On the second slide it's a different object that doesn't work. It is the first element in the drag and drop menu and it's the object in the middle on the slide.

What both object have in common is, that the are the smallest of the drag objects.