Drag Object to Show Layer which later Hides when Object Dragged Away


I'm trying to create an interaction using the trigger feature as follows.

The user drags the object over one of four textboxes.

Each textbox would reveal its separate layer when dragged over.

The textbox would (optionally) return to the original layer when user drags object away from that layer.

This feature is different from the Mouse Hover, as the user has to move one object over another object to show each layer.

I can't get the layers to return to the original layer when the user drags the object away; instead, the layer gets stuck being revealed and no other objects respond to the triggered interaction.

Any suggestions?

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Wendy Farmer

 Hi Kyada

I have had a go...I stripped out your triggers and have only done triggers on the first two head to test.  I also slightly redirected the magnifying glass as the drag action to get to Head 1 quite often dropped on Head 2 first...This may not suit you at all but might give you some ideas.


Kyada Queen


You really know how to use variables!  I guess the only way to hide the layer is to have the button, as you have shown.  I was thinking it would have been possible without variables but I'm out of ideas.  I might shrink the size of the magnifying glass so it won't interfere with other objects, but I'm grateful for your input.  I learned some new ways to implement variables.  Thank you :)