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Harri C

Hi Pete,

I've set up the 'intstallation' drag and drop tab and it appears to be working. So in theory you can duplicate the tick/cross triggers for the others and it will all work as intended.

Also I've removed the variables as the learner can only access the correct slide if they have answered everything correctly so I've removed the variables and set the ticks to show as their starting state rather than being hidden.

Hope this makes sense.

Btw you're pic is well freaky

pete nichols

Heya Miss C

How funny meeting you on here, thanks for the file it certainly works now 

I was trying to get the state changes on the ticks with out clicking the submit button and wanted to avoid any crosses in unanswered drop zones, probably trying to bite off too much there will need to butter matt up a bit

yeah the pic is a bit odd, a Peter Blake piece, needs changing its not very friendly