Drag-Up "Pointer Cursor" not triggering "SHOW" event on initialization within-LMS - MODERN PLAYER ONLY

Hey team,

We're getting ready to convert our eLearning modules to Mobile - iOS soon. While doing some preliminary testing I'm observing no "Drag-UP" pointer cursor on the initialization of the loading slide within the LMS when using the Modern Player


When I switch the player from Modern-TO-Classic the "Drag-UP" pointer cursor is showing on the initialization of the loading slide; prompting the user to... "Drag Up for fullscreen



Is there a hotfix for this - or potentially an update supporting the missing feature?


Our primary platform will primarily be running via iPhone so we need to account for this feature prior to launch/POC. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Rocky! Thanks for pointing out this behavior. I've documented it for our team to review. From my testing, it appears that the "drag" action still works in iOS 12 to bring the content full screen, but the icon and prompt are missing.

I'll keep you updated on any changes to make the Modern and Classic player experiences consistent on mobile devices!

Rocky Little

Additionally, we're noticing that the actual behavior to slide up is only working when the user is "dragging-up" on the outside of the stage size — so only really dragging up on the "player wrapper" VS the content on the actual stage. I imagine most users wouldn't intuitively know to drag-up on the outer potion of the player.

Is there anyway the product team can incorporate the "hot-spot" trigger event to sniff out the "drag event" anywhere on the slide rather than being required to interact with the outer portion of the player?