Dragging objects from different layers to a drop zone on base layer

Feb 05, 2021


I'm using freeform drag n drop slide. In the attached simplified version, I've a few items on base layer that can be dropped in My Collection Box drop zone and it all works fine. 

Now, on certain conditions, I show other layers (3d and Directional) which have some more objects that I can drop into my collection. But these items (from the layers) are not shown in draggable dropdown in Form View. Even a trigger "When user drops an object..." doesn't list these items and same with the "Object intersects.." trigger.

So, how can I link draggable/droppable items from various layers to the base layer? If I put everything on base layer, it makes it unmanageable with lots of content (and triggers).


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tino and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are working on along with a copy of your .story slide.

All of the objects will need to be on the base layer to be included in the form and work properly. I noticed that you are displaying layers at a certain time and you can certainly create that same look by having the items present on the slide at those times.

Check out slide 2 in the attached file.

Math Notermans

As i do agree that a mass of triggers can make slides too complex and unmanageable i myself use see ( and use ) 2 solutions for a setup with too many triggers.

- use Javascript. When too much triggers involved, using Javascript can simplyfy your slides.
- use multiple slides. What you are trying to achieve on a layer..make a new slide of it...