Draw from question bank and changing layouts

Mar 05, 2014

Is there a way to change the slide master layout applied to a string of questions drawn from a question bank, or create a layout that the question bank questions will use by default?  I created a new slide master and cleared out everything but the blank layout (which might not have been smart ... I'm new to this) and am adding layouts as needed.  Now I'm adding in questions from a question bank and am trying to build a layout that these questions will use and am having some difficulty.  When right-clicking on the "draw from question bank" slide in Story View I don't get a "Layout" option, and when double-clicking the slide it just opens the question bank.  Am I screwed if I deleted the original Questions Layout?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeff and welcome to Heroes!

You could make a new slide master layout, but you'll need to apply it to all the question bank slides and I don't believe you can do so looking at the "slide draw" slide. If you open the question bank and access one individual slide you should then be able to see all the questions in the bank on the left hand side in the "Scenes" section. You may also want to review this tutorial on working with slide masters

Hope that helps! 

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