"Draw from questionbank" slides just keeps looping


I'm trying out to create a quiz that contains three randomly drawn questions from a questionbank. But no matter what I do the questions keeps looping (it never reached the results-slide that is placed after the "draw from questionbank" slides) I've searched and searched the forums for a clue what might be wrong but haven't found any solutions. Anyone have a solution?

Please have a look at the original file, it's attached.



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Tracy Parish

You have, in essence here, 3 sets question banks.  Each one is drawing 3 questions from the same bank of questions.

So what happens is you

  1. hit the title slide,
  2. then answer 3 question in random order,
  3. 3 more in random order (but they are the same question form the first bank), 
  4. 3 more in random order (but they are the same question form the first bank),
  5. Results slide
  6. finished

If you only want to see 3 questions, randomly drawn from a bank of X# of questions, then you only need one bank of questions and set the "Include ALL questions" drop down to 3.   It's harder to explain if you only want to draw 3 from 3 questions (that truly is all).

Take a look at my attachment...I upped the question bank to 5 questions.  That might make what I am stating easier to visualize. 

I also added some features to the question bank to demostrate 2 more things to you. If you are not including all questions, you can use the "include in shuffle" feature to ensure that one or more of the questions is ALWAYS included in the random draw.

You can also use the LOCK QUESTION feature to ensure one of the questions is always first, always last, or always follow a previous question. 

In the example I am sharing question 2 is always included, and question 5 is always locked as the last random question (so technically it is always included).

I sometimes will use this Lock Question feature to lock the first "question slide" (which remember does not have to be a question at all - it can be a simple content slide) in the first position.  I use this locked slide to tell the learner something similar to: "The next set of questions will text your knowledge of X.  You will need to answer 5 random questions and pass with 80% in order to continue/pass this course".

I expanded on this idea and turned it into a blog post, so you can see a bit more here as well. Particularly the item about the intro screen to a quiz using the Lock Question feature.