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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Eileen - the yellow box appears when the user tabs because the "object is visible to accessibility tools" is enabled for the objects on your slide.

To turn this off, you have to right click the object, select the Size and Position and then Alt Text and disable the check box.

From the look of your slide - it is probably the image of the computer that is causing it so check that one first.

I don't think there is a way to disable this option globally, so you may have to do this for all the objects on your slide.

Eileen Mrowka

Peter Anderson said:

Hey Eileen, 

Would you be able to send us your .story file so we can have a close look? Please include the url to this thread, too. Thanks

Hi Peter! I found a solution in another post. I added a shape off-slide with the Alt Text enabled so that the yellow box went there first. Since it's off-slide, you can't see it! Viola!

Thanks for all your support!!! You guys are amazing!

Amy L.


Is this fixed in Storyline 2? I followed the instructions to disable the accessibility on every object on the slide. Also, I'm talking about software simulation slides. Not sure if that matters, but there is no way to even select the movie.

It actually looks like the yellow box is on the frame image I put on top of the software screen. I double-checked and the accessibility is definitely turned off. So I did what I've done in the past (which worked then but is not working now), which is put a text box and/or text entry box off the slide. Now, the yellow box is grabbing the text box and pulling it onto the slide when in preview. 

Any ideas? I used this fix for software sims before and it worked. Now it isn't. The only difference is that I disabled the standard player controls at the bottom of the screen and created custom controls that are on the slide.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy,

You can't disable the tab for player elements as mentioned above, as it's an accessibility feature detailed here. Since a screen recording becomes a part of the slide background when inserted as step by step mode you won't be able to disable it with the alt text option. In regards to the off screen text box you added and it being pulled into the slide - I'd like to take a look at that if you could share a .story file here with us. 

Amy L.

I think I have most of it fixed. I was using text entry fields and also text boxes as the tab catchers. I've done that before with success, but those projects had a lot of text entry fields on the slides (some real software sims, some faked) and an article said to use those. This project has a mix of tabs, clicks, and text entry, and the shapes seem to be working.

If something else comes up,  I will post it. 




Anne England

Hi folks

This is a problem that has just arisen for us. I have a text-entry form that users need to fill in. This contains three text-entry fields and two check boxes.

I'd never noticed the issue before, because I don't use tabs when I complete forms, but my boss routinely does. However, he's convinced that the problem didn't arise on an earlier version of our module, but has only arisen recently (i.e. since we upgraded SL2 in the last few weeks).

I've applied the work-around you suggested (.e. disabled the accessibility option in Alt Text). I applied it to all objects, but couldn't then seem to tab between the text-entry fields or the check boxes. So I re-applied it to just those fields. This worked on the text entry (i.e. tab possible, but no yellow box) but the yellow box appears on the check boxes. It seems that, with check boxes, I can either have yellow boxes or no tabbing. This doesn't seem right.


Paul DeHorn

Hi Amy and all,

I've struggled with this myself, but I've had success recently by using Text Entry boxes and the trigger "When, Control Loses focus." For some reason, this works when the "Jump to next slide, when user presses Tab" trigger is inconsistent and usually results in the yellow highlight appearing.

Most of my interactions are text/numeric entry fields where the user must "tab out" to see a calculation. By using "When Control Loses Focus" as a trigger, I don't even need to set a trigger for the Tab key. I just tell the user to press Tab in the instructions. When the Tab key is pressed, control loses focus and the trigger is activated. It's a real simple solution. But it does require that the cursor is active (blinking) in the text entry box. This sometimes requires that I put the text entry on a separate layer and then add a trigger to show layer when timeline starts. When I just want the user to Tab as navigation (without text entry first), I hide the text box off screen. This is working consistently for me and I no longer have the dreaded "yellow highlight" on any part of the screen or Player controls.