Drop and drag with multiple correct answer combinations

Hello eLearning Heroes,

I am building a "count the money" course for 2nd graders.  

For example, "Put 32 cents into the box."  The objects to drop would be 4 quarters, 4 dimes, 4 nickels, and 4 pennies.  The problem is that there are multiple solutions for this.  I suppose that I need to incorporate some variables with variables, but how to do that with this drop and drag?  Is there a different way to accomplish this?  

I eagerly await your suggestions.


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Lance Treloar

Hi Beth

Variables ... lots of variables.

Attached is a quick example - there is a variable on each coin to add its value to the variable (Count).  The drop target has a state change to show a tick when the correct amount is reached and a message of "too much" when the value is exceeded.

Not complete -  really needs more variables to allow you to remove coins, but something to look at.

Definitely not pretty, but functional.  Hopefully someone else has a more elegant solution.



Beth Littlejohn

Thanks!  This is exactly what I mean.  If I were to add a submit button, and retry attempts, do you think that would solve the problem?  Could there be feedback stating you had listing what was put in the target and the value of those coins?  This is a weighty project for a newbie, but my students will benefit greatly and I will become a better storyline creator to boot!

Lance Treloar

Not sure about the submit button - when I try to convert to a freeform drag and drop I am faced with the problem that you have to nominate which objects are to be dropped in the  target - specific object rather than value.  Not sure how to get around this.

Need some time to sit and play with this.  Unfortunately I have a project delivery deadline today but will see what time I can manage.