Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect States Not Working?

Hi!  I'm probably missing something obvious, but I'm trying to use the Storyline drag and drop template of the woman and the inbox/outbox.  I wanted to create a happy character state if they get the question right, and puzzled expression state if they are incorrect.  In creating two states, I noted that "Drop Correct" and "Drop Incorrect" are built-in options, so I used those two.  Yet when I preview, the appropriate states don't show regardless of how I answer the question; all I get is the original state.  Do I have to include a trigger or something as well?  In looking at triggers, I didn't see an option to change the state "if correct" or "if incorrect" so I'm not sure what I'm missing.  I was assuming that the built-in states, given their names, would appear automatically, but apparently not.  Apologies for what is probably a basic question, but I would very much appreciate feedback on how to do this properly.  Thanks!


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janaki devi

Hi Ashley Terwilliger,

Thank you for replying me.. I'm really sorry I couldn't check it. 

Here I have sent you the published file, please have a look. I understand that drag and drop from multiple layers is not possible with storyline 2. But, I just want to know whether I can find any solution for this.. I want to be able to view all the dropped items on the pie chart and also minimise and maximise the tabs.

Thank you.

Alyssa Gomez

Hello Janaki!

Thanks for sharing your file with me, I really like the design of this interaction! Unfortunately Drag and Drop questions require all draggable objects to be on the base layer, but you may be able to tweak the design and use triggers and variables to accomplish what you're looking to do. I'll defer to the community to chime in with ideas on your custom set up!

janaki devi

Hello Alyssa!

Thank you, that you have liked my design. Yes, that's true drag and drop requires all draggable items to be on the base layer and that's where I was stopped. I also tried to write different triggers to accomplish my task but still the issue is with the items to be seen on the pie chart. Hope you underastand. I'm waiting for a solution.

Thank you


janaki devi

Hello Walt!

Thank you for your solution. Yes, it works but, it is changing the position as we have taken it in states and we are supposed to write 3 triggeres for every item on every slide. Thank you that you made think in a different way. I will try that and I still hope you give me a smart solution.

Walt Hamilton

I don't understand exactly what you are doing, nor the requirement to use states and write 3 triggers. Is this a class assignment?

Here's a version that uses states and triggers.  I also used layers, merely to hold the triggers. All those triggers on the layers could be put on the base slide, but would have ot be written with Conditions. Using one trigger with a condition to call the layer executes all the triggers with only one condition.

I used only the Fruits and Vegetables layer and the Close layer.

Only slide 2 works, and only the apple works, and that not too well. Perhaps if you find a different way to explain what you want.

janaki devi

Hello walt!

I'm sorry.. May be I was not clear to you. Let me explain.Firstly, I should thank you that because of your solution I am able to continue my project and think further. Please have a look at the .story file below so that you can understand my requirement. Here, in the below version I have sent you two popup's saying fruits and vegetables & fish and meat with two items each. When you drop those items on the pie chart and close them, the items should still remain there on the pie chart. Yes, that requirement was satisfied. but, my question is,

1.Once the object is dropped on the pie chart the items should not be dragged again.

2.I want to drop only one item on the pie chart and when I minimise the pop up the other item should not be seen.

3.I dropped all the 4 items by opening and closing the pop ups. Now, when I open the fruits and vegetables pop up the other items on the pie chart were not seen.

4. When I repeat the drag and drop operation multiple times it is not working properly.

These are the problems that I need solution from you. Hope you understand my requirement.

Thanks in advance.

Richard Moret


I created a drag and drop quiz in Storyline (see attachment), where the user has to get 3 answers right. I want to show an correct/incorrect layer when all 3 items are dropped. I used triggers to give the drag items a correct or incorrect state. Then I created a trigger to show the correct/incorrect layer (never mind the content of the correct/incorrect layers. These are copies yet to be edited), but when the user has 1 correct drop and 2 incorrect drops nothing happens because in the trigger panel you can only choose "all of","non of" or "any of".

Is there a way to show the incorrect layer only after all three drops have been made?

Thanks for any kind of help!


Crystal Horn

Hi Richard! No worries - we see all your questions here and will answer accordingly! At least you're in the Storyline forum. 😉

Is it crucial to avoid using a button to submit the answers after all the drops are made? Typically, the "submit interaction" trigger will be able to read whether the total interaction is right, including if only some items are dropped correctly. It's easiest to tie that trigger to either the Submit button on the player, or a custom button you add to the slide.

Here's an example of what I mean.  And I attached your modified file here in the discussion: slide 1.2 is my example.