Drop Correct State?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to understand the "Drag and Drop" from the FreeForm question. I have added the built-in "Drop Correct" state in the targeted item. But I cannot get it to show unless there is a trigger for it. So I am wondering how to get the built-in states "Drop Correct" or "Drop Incorrect" to work without trigger? I have included a sample file to demonstrate this issues. Any suggestions are welcome.  

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Matthew Graham

Since you added functionality to the Drag and Drop FreeForm, I believe you have to activate it through a state change trigger.  Otherwise, it won't check for accuracy until you hit the submit button.  If you only have one drag and drop, you could change the submit interaction when user drops object, but I'm assuming you have more than one object.

Ashley Terwilliger

Exactly - if you update the circle shape and add different states too it (like drop correct) it will happen automatically when dropped correctly. If you're looking for the drop target to change, it'll have to have the trigger associated with it (and although dropped correct is a built in state you can choose, it doesn't function the same here). 

Oliver Urquhart

My states correctly change after I hit the submit button, but if I don't drag all of the items I run into problems. An item that hasn't been dragged and dropped is marked incorrect and its state changes (as it should), but then when I click 'Try again' the state of the undragged item remains in its 'Dropped Incorrect' state...so when I click submit a second time, its state shows both 'Dropped Incorrect' and 'Dropped Correct', in this case that means the items has an X displayed on it, and then a check mark ontop of the X.

Any ideas why this is happening and how to avoid it?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Oliver and welcome to Heroes! 

The dropped correct/incorrect states won't automatically change back on a retry so you'll want to add a trigger to adjust the state of those options when the user clicks the try again button and just make sure it's before the hide layer or jump to slide trigger. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Bryan -- This thread is a bit older, so if you were interested in reaching out to any of the participants directly (as they may no longer be subscribed), you would be welcome to use the "Contact Me" link on their individual profile pages. Or, if you would like to share your file so the community can chime in with ideas, you are welcome to do so! :)