Drop-down interaction is a dead-zone. Problems using on-click triggers with interaction.

Hello Heroes, 

I'm having trouble with a quiz interaction customization.  

I have a matching drop down interaction. There is a custom-made 'continue' button that is set to a disabled state when the slide starts, and changes to its normal state when the user either interacts with the quiz (if there's only a single answer required) or completes all options in the interaction. 

The problem I'm encountering is that the change state trigger is simply not functioning no matter where I set the trigger.  
Ive tried...
Action: (change state of )
on object:(button name)
to state: (normal)
when: (user clicks)
Object ( literally anything associated with the drop down)  

I can change the 'object' that the user clicks to anything else on the page that's not associated with the interaction and it works fine. It's almost as if the interaction is a dead zone.  I've been toying with this for too long, and haven't come up with a solution. Does anyone have any creative ideas? Or can you tell me what i'm doing wrong? 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Sarah!

Thanks for sharing your file here. There are a few graded question types that don't allow for deeper customization or access to states.  The matching drop down is one of those.

Have you looked at using a more customized drag/drop interaction and using dropped correct/incorrect states for you items? Then, you can use the states of your drop items to trigger the change state of the 'Continue' button.

Sarah MacDonald

Hi Alyssa, 

This interaction actually started out as a drag-and-drop, but due to their being too much content to fit on the page, we had to try a different solution. This drop-down style was a logical option, but at the time we did not know we would lose control of states. 

Thanks for your feedback.