Drop-down menu question in a quiz


I am creating a 15 questions quiz, and out of 15, only 10 questions will be randomly picked. I have 2 drop-down questions in a slide where the user can choose either 'True' or 'False'. Both questions on this slide have to be answered correctly in order to get a full mark (which is 10 points). If any or all of the question is answered incorrectly, the score is zero. The slide I'm using is 'Pick Many'. I tried using the 'Matching drop-down' but it doesn't achieve what I wanted.

Now the problem I'm facing is, when the user answered correctly or incorrectly, the total score doesn't add up. I receive a decimal number final score which shouldn't be the case. It should be a whole number. When I delete the drop-down question, everything comes up fine - final score is perfect (whole number) and correct. So I know it is the drop-down question that is posing a problem but I'm not sure what has gone wrong.

Can someone please help?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Megan

see attached. I didn't want to touch any of your triggers so I added two offstage rectangles with a normal and selected state. I used these rectangles in the form view of the pick many as the correct responses. I added triggers to change the state of the rectangle to selected if choose 1 = False and change state of rectangle 2 to selected if choose 2 = true.

Hope this helps.