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Nathan Ford

I found this forum When I searched for Drop Down Menus in Google.  So even though this forum is over 2 years old.  If anyone else wonders in here I recently found this video from youtube explaining how to create a wonderful Drop Down menu system.


Good luck! Hopefully this will help someone!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Susie,

I'll defer to the community for other templates, but I was able to open the one Antonio attached above. I've reattached it here for you in the event that it helps you open and download. It seems to have been created in Storyline 1 so you will receive the message/prompt if you try to open it in Storyline 2 that it'll need to be upgraded. 

Greg Damron

Hi Katie - Since you had some space between your menu buttons, I added a menu backdrop panel (80% transparency) to fill the gaps between them and then expanded the hover area slightly to completely surround the panel.

There's also an example in the project file of building the hover trigger a little differently, so you don't need to create a hover state for each button.

You should be all set!



marina r

Hi Everyone,

I have a question: I watched a great tutorial about building a drown down menu in storyline.  I followed it as much as I could, but my goal is slightly different (I have also attached the storyline file): I am trying to create drop down answer choices, then when one of the answers is clicked, the answer appears in its corresponding blank. Everything worked until I hover outside of the drown down area. Then, the layer disappears, and with it, the selected answer. How can I keep a selected answer visible on a page without it disappearing?  

Greg Damron

Hi Marina,

Happy to be of help (and Nicole has also done a great job on the tutorial).

Based on what you've described you would like to do, I've taken a look at the story file you've attached and added a second slide with a few changes for you to take a look at from your existing slide. Here's what I've set up:

Hovering over the rectangle 6 one 1 on the base slide opens a layer selections 6 one 1 (you may want to rename these).

Once there, when a selection is made, the state of the rectangle 6 one 1 on the base slide is set to that selection and the layer is closed (I also needed to add First, Last, and 1 custom states to rectangle 6 one 1). The key change was in using the layer to  change the object directly on the base slide. As you had set up, moving across the hover area will also close the layer if no selection is made.

Hope this may be of help!



Greg Damron

Since you'll be setting up a number of the hover interactions for your project, something else to consider: it may be easier to use a hover trigger to open the layer set up as "When the user hovers the mouse over..." (the trigger fires on the action of hovering) instead of "When the state of x is Hover..." (the trigger fires with a state change, in this case Hover). There's an example to take a look at in the second slide.

Nathan Ford

As the original poster of this thread I really appreciate all the activity and the community that has pitched in to answer questions and keep this thread alive for anyone interested in this.  I'm glad so many have been able to enjoy my work and I look forward to seeing the new comments and questions along with the way people are using this file!
Thanks everyone:

Greg Damron

Hi Edward,
It has been a long running discussion with many examples and contributors and great to see you enjoyed it. I hope as you looked through you spotted a few ideas that would be helpful.

I noticed around the same time you posted here, you had also had a menuing question in another thread. I’ve posted a few suggestions there you may find of help.

Joni Grove

Hi all-  I know this thread is quite old but am hoping you can help me out with my drop down menu.  There seems to be a glitch in that the choices in the drop down menu are not always available.  Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not.  It seems to happen more with the "Overview" and "Lesson 1" tabs.  Any insight?  Thank you in advance!