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Tegid Griffiths

Thanks for responding Brian, My navigation relies on a variable that is set at the beginning of the course and determines the users' path through it. 

In some cases, there is even an extra lesson for some states and within that lesson, there are different slides to view.

In an ideal world, the menu would change dynamically once a state had been selected and only the navigation for that state would be displayed. OR I could display a different menu tab based on the variable.

Hence my custom solution. I considered setting a variable on each slide that would change as soon as the timeline began (or ended), a lot of variables as this is a large complicated course. By default, each text box that made up my custom menu would be set to 'Disabled' until the variable on a particular page had been updated (a lot of triggers). The user would then be unable to skip over content but could, in fact, go back and view pages they had already visited. 

OR, the text box remains invisible until the variable changes...

Each menu item would also have to be its own text box, also a pain to build.

Does any of this make sense? I feel I am 75% of the way there.

Brian Allen

Tegid, even though the restricted navigation settings are under menu options, it is not dependent upon whether or not you're using the menu.

I never use the default menu but will occasionally use restricted navigation.

Does your custom navigation using variables prevent you from using the default restricted navigation functionality?

Tegid Griffiths

Somehow, even though I have the Navigation set to restricted, I can use a trigger to jump to any slide.

The only thing I have that is working now is a button on the Master slide to activate the menu. Depending on the value in the MyState variable the button displays the appropriate state layer with its unique Navigation.

Each of the text boxes is set to 'Disabled' unless the variable on the corresponding slide has been set to true. The text box (menu item) is then enabled and clickable. This is painful at best but at least gives the user a working navigation that is restricted in the way it works.

The alternative is to really simplify and only do the lesson headers. Let me rethink this over the weekend :o)