Drop-down Project with Multiple languages


I am working on a project which will be getting translated in multiple languages.

Here is what we are looking for:

  1. First screen of the module will have a drop down for languages selector.
  2. When user selects the language, he will be then taken to the module with the selected language.
  3. Once user completes the module, the progress will be tracked on LMS.
  4. It will be a single source of storyline file with multiple languages inside.

Has anybody worked on this kind of interactivity before?




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Learning Services

Hi Dave, we have around 15 content slides (with 5 knowledge checks) for each of the languages. We are not tracking the quiz results, we just want user to complete the 15 slides to be able to pass the module.

I have created separate scenes for each languages and triggered them through drop-down links.

For passing, though in all it has 90 (15 * 6 languages) slides in total, i have kept completion criteria as viewing 16 (15+1dropdown slide) slides.

I am hoping this will work on LMS and will be tracked properly.

Dave Cox

Hi Sandeep, 

Since you are counting slides rather than using the results slides, I would think that it would work. As long as you complete your 15 slides, you should see Storyline pass a completion. If you don't get the completion as expected, try adding one more additional slide past your completion slide to insure that you get 16 complete slides. I've found this ensures that you get the completion when counting slides.

Learning Services

Hi Michael,

I removed Title (top of the player) and kept only arrows (without Next/Prev text) for navigation, so that it will be common for all languages. There was no Menu.

I also modified the setting for knowledge checks pop-ups, when you select the option, you get the feedback pop-up, when clicked on 'continue',  it directly takes you to the next screen.