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I wondered if there was any way the following would be possible with matching drop down questions.

Firstly - I would like the 'drop down' list to reduce each time a potential answer had been selected. I find it really confusing that the list remains complete...is there any way to do this?

Secondly - after the 'submission' of the answers, is there any way to know what the right answers where when its a stand alone slide? I'm not presenting it as a result slide, just with right or wrong answer after the one matching activity has been completed.

Any one got any ideas?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rachel!

To be quite honest, I have no idea why it's set up that way. I suppose it's because if the learner selected from a list that cut itself down after each selection, they'd be limited to what they could choose for the additional questions. Makes sense, I suppose, but I personally agree that it would be nice to have an option to limit when they appear, or have them removed from the options once it's been used in a response.

My thought on this would be to build a custom drop down menu. Additional work? Yep. But would probably be more functional for how you want to use it and you'd have more control over the list. The only issue I can see here would be the order of how they appear. Really depends on what type of design you'd find appealing. 

For the second question, I'd probably go the same route. You could use variables and display the correct responses in a new layer, or you could change the state questions or answers, maybe?

Just some thoughts :) 

Rachel Nickson

I've run totally out of steam and imagination for what I'm working on!

Has anyone got any ideas for how I can set out the following:

I want a screen of warning signs and I want learners to identify what the sign means. I initially did this with the drop down, but that doesn't give me the flexibility I need, so I want the following:

Drop down matching exercise

With feedback on what was right.

Here's my slide so far, very uninspiring and I've got no idea what to do :(

Jerson  Campos

I did work on something similiar but it was with military badges. A user would have to click on a badge and then a question would pop up asking the user to identify the unit it belonged to. If the user got it right it the badge would change to a "correct" state to so the user wouldn't click on it again. Once they got them all correct they would get a congratulation screen.

Another suggestion is to have the words appear and then the user has to click on the right picture.

I do have a question. Do these signs appear on labels? Think about how the users will interact with them in the real world. I did a drag and drop scenario where I had four technicians and described the safety gear they were using. The user would have to drag them over to a job site that they were appropriately dressed for. This way I didn't just give them a "match the correct answer". I made the user think and analyze about what they need to do.