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Jul 19, 2018

Hi All, i'm trying create a drop down quiz where there is a numbered picture and the drop down has the answers for the relevant numbers on the picture.

What I want is to be able to have 6 answers for 4 points on the picture, 2 of these will be wrong. I have tried putting a space in the choice column in form view but when completing the question I answer the 4 correct ones but SL3 is still looking for me to select the 2 wrong answers.

Any ideas if what i'm trying to achieve is possible?

Many Thanks


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David Tait

Do you need the last two drop downs at all? All six options are available in the other four (including the two red herrings) so to me they're redundant as there isn't anything for them to relate to, i.e. numbers 1-4 relate to the first four drop downs but the other two drop downs aren't numbered.

EDIT: scratch that, if you delete them they won't appear in the drop down ...

Hakan Tilgel

Thank you Leslie,

I  created a slide with 4 question, each having different lists and all  work fine.

But now I have another issue related to drop down questions: Once the user revisits the question slide (with the drop down list questions) all the answers changes to their normal state. What I want is to keep the answers (the states in my case) still, where the user left off, when user revisits the slide.

Looking forward to your answer.. TIA.

Crystal Horn

Hello Hakan!  If you look at the slide properties, what is the "when revisiting" setting?  If it's automatically decide or always resume saved state, the answer states should stay the same and NOT reset.

Does the user submit on that slide?  Or do you have the next button enabled so that all answers are submitted at the end?  The reason I'm asking those questions is because I'm wondering when the user would revisit that slide.  Thanks!

Hakan Tilgel

Hello Crystal, user does not submit on that slide. The quiz I have created gives 1 attemp to the user and allows the user to revisit the slides before submitting it. The drop down questions changed to their normal state once they were revisited. But now, (I dont know what I did) they don't and the issue seems to be solved :) 

A new issue:

How can I insert Drop down questions created with states and layers in a scrolling panel, where user needs to scroll down the text?

I have got 9 drop down question in a text within a scrolling panel on a single slide. User scrolls the text but layers do not. Seems like I need to find another way (reather than with layers) to create drop down list/questions.

I would appreciate if you can help me.

I think that Articulate software team should seriously consider putting drop down list question which is a basic quesiton type to SL and quizmaker. It's so hectic and time consuming for many of us dealing with this issue here.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Hakan,

I need a little more help envisioning how you have set up this drag and drop slide. Would you mind sharing a sample of it with us?

Also, can you tell me more about the drop down list question you want to see added to Storyline and Quizmaker? There is a matching dropdown question and a sequence dropdown question -- would either of those work for your needs?

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