Drop down text showing up strangely

Jun 29, 2017

Hi all I've created a drop down interaction and instead of showing the word "select" in the dropdown menus it's showing one of the choices - and all the same word even though there are five choices in the dropdown. (It's showing the word "empower"). The weird thing is that it doesn't show up this way on mobile (which does show "select" for all), just on a PC virtual environment and on a Mac OS. Any advice? Screenshot attached. Thanks!

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Cheryl Kent

Hello Ashley,

I'm using storyline 2. I am attaching the storyline file.

You can also see the html5 running in our "production" environment here: https://www.keele.ac.uk/hltutorials/informationskills/QuizUsing6Ws/story_html5.html

The quiz starts a few slides in.

Any help appreciated.

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for confirming that, Cheryl! 

We do have an issue on our radar where the HTML5 output in Chrome will display the first answer instead of --Select--.

I'll be sure to add this thread to the report so that we can continue tracking user impact. Thanks again for letting us know this bug is affecting you, and I'm sorry it's slowing you down!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kathleen and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

You can find our tutorials for form-based graded questions here.

It looks like you are setting it up, so I'm not sure I understand the question. 

Perhaps if you preview this slide it will make a bit more sense about how that drop-down works once completed? Not sure if the form-view and slide-view are what may be confusing to you.

Just let me know how I can help :)

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