Drop-location in drag-and-drop misformed after publisch

Jun 04, 2018

After a recent windows-update, the drop-location in my drag-and-drop interaction looks different in every webbrowser, after publishing.
Playing in firefox an IE, they are twice as big.
Playing in Edge, they are just a little smaller than in Articulatie

What to do!?
Also, in Articulate, everyting on my screen, the icons etc are verry small and when i work in a slide layer, the content of my base layer is blow up (this does not happen after publishing.
Perhaps both issues a related, so i thought i mention both.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Erica.  You are seeing some really odd behavior, so I can understand feeling confused and even frustrated about next steps.

Would you be able to share your .story file with me for testing?  I'd like to publish and launch it in a few different environments to understand if there's an issue with the file or with your machine's environment.

One thing that you can check in the interim is your DPI setting.  Making sure your display is set to 100% scaling will produce the best looking experience when working with Storyline.  Let me know if that helps with your tiny icons!

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