Drop target states

Nov 22, 2014

I don't use freeform.
So I have 5 drop targets. I have 10 dragable objects. Any of these objects can be dropped on any target.
Each of dragable objects have state - Dropped correct - same to Normal - just to verify that object was dropped on. Also it has real correct/incorrect states that are revealed on clicking Submit.
Trigger - change of obj1 to correct if state of obj1 equals to dropped correct.

All I need is to prevent other object tobe dropped on busy  drop target.

So question is :

Is it any buit-in states for drop targets to know if target is busy or free?

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Aleli Ustaris

I have a similar question as Dmitry. I have 2 drop targets and 6 drag items. All drag items need to be dropped into the drop targets. No specific requirements on which item goes to which target. However, the student should drop at least one item in either drop targets. Which built-in states can I use in a trigger to check if a drop target is empty (or not)? Or is there another way of doing this? Thanks!

Crystal Horn

Thanks Gillian!  I'll just drop that here, as well:

1) Create a "deleted" state for your drop target and you delete the element from the scene in this state. 

2) tell your drop target to switch to deleted state when your correct item is dropped inside. So your drop target will no longer display and would be disabled.

3) If your drop target had a specific shape you can tell by a trigger to display a fake drop target instead of the active one when the other one switch to deleted state.

It need more work, but in my case it is less tedious to set up.

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